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ETL 501 Electronic Pathfinder: Industrial Revolution Home

An electronic pathfinder to assist year 9 in their study of the Industrial Revolution.


Industrial Revolution


Bridgewater Foundary at Patricroft

(Bridgewater, 2009)

Interior of Magnolia Cotton Mills 

(Hine, 1911)

Line Shaft and power looms at

Boott Miills, Massachusetts

(Cyron, 2014)


Welcome to your study guide for Year 9 HASS. This resource has been put together to assist you in your research skills and to provide access to resources for your unit of work called “The Making of the Modern World”.

These resources will help you as you study the Industrial Revolution. You will be looking at the rapid change in the way people lived, worked and thought throughout the Industrial Revolution period.

Each resource has been tagged with a difficulty rating to help you find the most useful resource for you. 


► Most links will work throughout this LibGuide if you have signed into Moodle and keep the tab opened  

Learning Outcomes

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